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Professional experience
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Consolidated experience as a consultant for human resources engineering, training and management in myriad businesses and organizations.
bullet.gif (958 octets)  Long-standing experience as the development executive and subsequently managing director of Quaternaire, a consultancy firm for the management of human resources and skills.
bullet.gif (958 octets)  Solid international experience in Europe, North and South American and in Africa having held the positions of:

UNESCO expert for five years in Latin America

Consultant for the President of the Société de Développement International Desjardins (SDID) (Canada)

President of human resources consultancy firms in Spain and  Portugal

Consultant for BIT, UNICEF and the European Union

Guy Le Boterf works as a freelance consultant for businesses, organizations and universities to assist them in planning and implementing policies and tools for the management and development of human resources and skills.

Academic qualifications
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Research doctorate (Doctorat d’État) in Human Sciences and Humanities
bullet.gif (958 octets) Doctorate in Sociology
bullet.gif (958 octets) Degree in Economic Sciences
bullet.gif (958 octets) Degree in Psychology
bullet.gif (958 octets) Postgraduate Diploma in Philosophy

Other qualifications
Guy Le Boterf is a qualified auditor with the Institut International de l'Audit Social

Special mention at the Grand Prix of management and strategy books in 1994

Current position
Director of the Le Boterf conseil consultancy service
Associate professor and adviser at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada)